Interpersonal communication is the foundation for groups to work together at their best and for individuals to become powerful leaders. Learn to assert and express yourself while building rapport and creating relationships that lead to greater success.

Communication Trainings


In this engaging class, you’ll be trained to use today’s most advanced tools of communication and learn to:

  • Build relationship as you communicate clearly
  • Turn conflict into opportunity
  • Become more comfortable with a variety of personalities and styles
  • Manage difficult people and challenging messages
  • Communicate in a way that builds relationships
  • Smooth hot buttons and defensiveness

Conflicts can cause serious and long-term harm to working relationships and to a group’s productivity. This hands-on class teaches you to:

  • Understand what causes conflicts
  • Use the EASY™ conflict resolution model
  • Understand the 5 types of conflict and how to handle them
  • Build relationship as you communicate clearly
  • Diffuse hot buttons—yours and theirs
  • Be effective even with challenging personality styles
  • Negotiate real win/wins

The class includes pre-class interviews to help you identify both obvious conflicts and subtle irritations that undermine collaborative efforts so you can address them in class.

Skills to influence and motivate others are absolutely essential to succeed in today’s business environment. In this class, you’ll access the keys to influencing others by learning to:

  • Cultivate rapport even with different personality styles
  • Build alignment and buy-in
  • Generate genuine motivation
  • Increase your ability to lead
  • Influence even without direct authority
  • Master negotiation tools to create win/wins
  • Influence transparently up, down, and peer-to-peer

Do you sometimes say “Yes” when you want to say “No”? Do your coworkers or direct reports think you are unreasonable or demanding? Would you like to speak up with greater confidence and ease? This class teaches you to be effective in challenging situations:

  • Learn the four most common assertiveness styles
  • Recognize self-defeating beliefs and attitudes and learn to shift them
  • Learn new models for successful communication
  • Practice being assertive in a variety of work situations
  • Practice saying “No” appropriately and without burning bridges
  • Handle defensive and reactive emotions—yours and theirs

Discover what fuels your passion and what you need to move forward powerfully and successfully. With self-understanding, authentic communication skills, and gentle yet effective assertiveness skills, doors can open for you!

  • Discover what creates passion for you
  • Uncover your key needs for work/life balance
  • Learn effective ways to dismantle your sabotage
  • Incorporate practical time management tools into a busy life
  • Nurture communication skills that get results
  • Create an action plan for ongoing happiness and success

Build customer loyalty and expand your customer base with outstanding customer service. Even complaints can be turned into opportunities to build relationships. These skills can be applied to both internal and external customer settings.

  • Learn the customer care cycle
  • Display appropriate etiquette for each situation
  • Use communication tools to build and maintain rapport
  • Deliver bad news effectively
  • Handle complaints and challenging people more easily
  • Deal with emotions and stress productively

Our Communication Training Programs are usually one or two days long and are tailored to the size and the needs of your organization.

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